Jetpets Vet Travel Tips

At Jetpets we have full time Vets on staff to ease your concerns and ensure your pet is healthy and fit for their journey.

Here are some of Dr Lucy’s Tips for Pet Travel.

For Pet Travel within Australia

  • Pop a small blanket or toy into your pets crate so they have something familiar and calming in there (note any foreign items can be removed by the airline so do not put anything valuable in the crate)
  • Don’t feed your pet a big meal within 8 hours of travel – pets can get travel sickness, a light treat is okay
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of water before the flight, they will also have access to water on the flight
  • Do not sedate your pet, this can be harmful to your pet, if you want to help your pet relax, there are natural remedies available. Please discuss this with your vet.
  • Pets must be 8 weeks old to fly within Australia, and 12 weeks old to fly overseas (out of Australia)
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