Quality Assurance

Jetpets have an entrenched company culture based around their love of animals, being professional, having strong standards and being price competitive. Our team of pet loving experts includes pet travel consultants, partnered veterinarians and pet handlers, all of whom understand that every single role at Jetpets contributes to the success of your customer service experience and your pet’s welfare.

Quality Accreditation’s

Jetpets commitment to quality sees us having multiple certifications in:

• Accredited Air Cargo Agent (IATA)
• Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA)
• Live Animal Regulations (IATA)
• Dangerous Goods (DG)

Industry Memberships

Jetpets are also current and active members of the following pet transport industry bodies:

  • IATA – International Air Transport Association
  • ATA – Animal Transport Association
  • IPATA – International Pet and Animal Transport Association