FAQ’s for Pet Travel Within New Zealand

Every pet move is unique and different. If you have specific questions about pet travel within New Zealand, please contact Jetpets and we’d be more than happy to help!

We’ve provided answers to some of our most popular FAQs when it comes to domestic pet travel within New Zealand – simply click on the most relevant category to your query or scroll down to read all our FAQs.

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Q: Will my pet be okay?

At Jetpets our sole focus and expertise is providing the safest and most comfortable pet travel. Our team of pet loving experts includes Pet Travel Consultants, Partnering Vets and Pet Handlers, and we have been safely and comfortably transporting pets for over 30 years. Your Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant will step you through the whole process and answer any questions or concerns you have.  Remember that pets are great at detecting changes in our moods, so the best thing you can do in the lead up to travel is remain calm and positive. Before you know it, you’ll be happily reunited with your fur-baby!

Travel Crates

Q: Do I need to check that my travel crate is airline compliant?

Yes, if you are using your own travel crate you need to check it is airline compliant. If your pet is travelling in a Jetpets travel crate you can be assured it is airline compliant and sized up perfectly for the comfort and safety of your pet.

Q: Can my pet travel with personal belongings?

We recommend putting a blanket or soft toy into your pet’s travel crate to help comfort your pet, but please be aware that if your pet messes their travel crate this will be removed. For your pet’s safety, the airlines do not allow any bulky bedding or hard objects in the travel crate.

Vaccinations & Sedations

Q: Can I send my pet’s full vaccination history with them?

We do not recommend attaching original copies of your pet’s vaccination records to their travel crate.

Q: Why can’t I sedate my pet?

Sedating your pet can be harmful to them during the flight. It can lower their blood pressure and cause dehydration. We recommend Adaptil collars for dogs and Feliway products for cats as an alternative way to make pets feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during travel. A Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant can arrange this for you.

Food & Drink

Q: Will my pet be fed before they fly?

We do not recommend feeding your pet within 8 hours of their flight as it may cause travel sickness. We will ensure they have plenty of water up until and during the flight.

Q: If my pet has a connecting flight, will they receive water during a stop over?

Yes, your pet will receive water during transit.

At the Airport

Q: Why do pets have to be at the airport 2 hours before departure?

Like humans, pets are required to check in early for their flight too. The airlines require pets to be checked in 2 hours before departure.

Q: What airline will my pet fly with?

Your Pet Travel Consultant will take into consideration your specific requirements when identifying the best airline partner and flight option for your pet. Our trusted airline partners offer years of experience flying dogs and cats domestically.

Q: Who loads my pet onto the plane?

After we check your pet in for their flight, the friendly airline staff will load them onto the plane.

On the Plane

Q: Where will my pet sit on the plane?

Your pet will travel in the pet cabin. The pet cabin is air pressured, climate controlled and dimly lit, just like the main cabin. Your pet will experience the same sounds and feelings as us, except they have a lot more leg room! Their travel crate is securely fastened to avoid movement.

Q: Does someone check on my pet during the flight?

The captain is aware that your pet is on the flight and as soon as the flight lands, your pet will be offloaded from the plane and checked on straight away.

Arrival at Destination

Q: How long does it take for my pet to be ready for collection after the flight lands?

This can change depending on the airport. But generally, your pet will be ready for collection 1-2 hours after the flight lands. Alternatively, we can deliver your pet straight to your house at the other end.