Jetpets Airline Partners

At Jetpets, your pet’s safety, welfare and comfort are the top priorities when we’re organising your pet transport. Partnering with only the most reputable major airlines experienced in flying pets in NZ and overseas, there are several factors that come into consideration when your Jetpets pet travel consultant is tailoring your pet’s travel itinerary.

  • Wanting to travel on the same flight? – We will do our best to accommodate this provided that the airline takes pets and has availability
  • The most direct flight – We have visibility of pet cabin space availability on all airline partner flights and will suggest the most direct flight option for your pet
  • Aircraft suitability – The size of the pet cabin area can differ from aircraft to aircraft. We ensure that the aircraft is suitable for your pet based on the size specifications of their travel crate.
  • Airline regulations – There are other specific airline regulations that we take into consideration when identifying the most suitable airline partner and aircraft choice.
  • Value for money – We will ensure that selection of the airline and flights represents value for money.

What airlines do pets travel with?

In most cases, our pets travel on the same airlines as us. So next time you board a flight, most likely there will be an animal on board too! We have long-serving relationships with many major airlines that have experience transporting pets safely and comfortably.

Air New Zealand’s Preferred Pet Travel Partner

As Air NZ’s pet travel partner, Jetpets is here to assist you with all your overseas and domestic pet transport requirements. Due to the complexities involved in completing pre-flight documentation, compliance and veterinary checks for international pet travel, Air New Zealand requires customers to go through an approved pet transporter.

We can organise all your Air NZ pet travel needs for you, including but not limited to:

  • Choosing the best size, airline-approved travel crate for your pet
  • Prepare all required travel documents and veterinary checks, customised to your travel destination
  • Book your pet on the most direct Air NZ pet travel flight, whether it is domestic or international
  • Arrange a comfort stop along the way
  • Organise door-to-door pet transport to suit your travel plans, including airport to airport, quarantine drop-off and pick-up, and more
  • Arrange the best pet accommodation if you require some extra time to settle into your new home

If you would like to arrange Air NZ pet transport, contact the Jetpets team and we’d be more than happy to help!