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As leaders in the pet transport industry, the team at Jetpets love nothing more than hearing heart-warming, happy stories about families reuniting with their beloved pet or welcoming a new pet into their lives.

Why not share your Jetpets experience and in doing so, help other pet owners.

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Coco the Pug

Hobart to Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi Kate…..Coco made it back safely, and is pooped today, enjoying being back in her ‘other’ home environment!   Thanks for your service, see you next time!


Ripley the Border Collie

Auckland to Launceston, Australia
Hi Steph Thank you so much to all the team for being so kind to Ripley. She arrived safe, happy and healthy this afternoon. The updates, especially pictures, helped so much with stress and worry on my end. Thanks for the quick and detailed communication during booking and helping out wherever possible (especially with the crate and public holiday logistics) I'm so grateful to have my girl here, safe. I've attached some photos 😛 Jess.


Sox the Domestic Long Hair

Perth to Johannesburg, South Africa
Hello Kate! Sox completely settled into his new home within 10mins of getting out of the crate, which confirmed to me that he had been handled with love and care every step of the way. Your professionalism and genuine love for animals gave me absolute peace of mind during this very stressful move. Despite him being an old kitty (15 years) and having a thyroid condition, you were so efficient and ready to answer every question I had. Every single member of your team that Sox and I had the pleasure of meeting were so lovely and kind. I cannot thank you guys enough for getting my little baby across the ocean! It’s been a few days since arriving now and I used his crate again to take him to the Vet (just to get more of his thyroid medication) and for the first time in his entire life, he actually wanted to go into the crate and he was completely happy and calm in the car! I was blown away! Which once again, just showed me how safe he must have felt during the travel process. Sox has already picked his new favourite places to sleep and watch the world go by, and even though he is strictly an indoor kitty, he is loving all the new views he has out the windows! In many ways, I think Sox is happier in his new home than he was in his last! If ever someone I know needs their little companion transported, I will absolutely recommend you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Kind Regards, Steph Blackwell  


Poppy the Fox Terrier

Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand
Arrived in NZ from the South Coast of OZ ...very happy to breath the fresh air and have had my Poppy dog so well looked after and monitored during the 30 hr transit period from my house to boarding facility at airport terminal ..flight and then customs went so smoothly and you took away all the angst that such a journey could have had....and for that part I am so grateful to the team at Jetpets.


Zuma the Long Haired Dachshund

Queenstown to Sao Paulo, Chile
Hey Anushka Yes she arrived safe and sound, we are over the moon with our family complete now. Thank you so much.