Customs and Quarantine

Jetpets has the expertise to ensure your pet is transported seamlessly with compliance to customs and quarantine laws.

All pets travelling overseas must fulfil the requirements of the receiving country of destination.

Jetpets will be able to provide you will all requirements well in advance of your pet’s travel. Some countries require the process to begin many months ahead to ensure all government requirements are met.

The same goes for pets travelling into New Zealand where the process for many countries must begin at least 6 months in advance of arriving into New Zealand.

For pets coming from countries other than Australia quarantine is required for 10 days, however please note there are some countries that do not allow direct entry of pets into New Zealand. There are currently quarantine stations in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. If your final destination is outside of these cities, Jetpets is able to ensure that your pet reaches your home safely after the quarantine period.