A Highly Qualified Team of Pet Handlers

As animal lovers themselves, Jetpets Pet Handlers are kind-hearted and caring people who have the very best job – reuniting families with their pets!  The Jetpets Pet Handlers are renowned for their expertise, care and understanding when handling all Jetpets animals. Our trusted Jetpets Pet Handlers team will check your pet in for their flight at the airport, ensuring they have been to the toilet, have plenty of water available for a comfortable flight and provide Pet Travel Updates to keep you informed for complete peace of mind.

Above and Beyond

With qualifications ranging from Animal Handling to Pet Behaviorists, their days consist of a wide range of responsibilities inlcuding:

  • Help you make sure you’ve got the right-sized airline-approved travel crate to ensure your pet’s safety, comfort and welfare during travel˜
  • They’ll get to know your pet and especially if your pet has the pre-travel jitters, give them plenty of love, attention and walks
  • Collecting your pet to check them in at the airport
  • Checking on your pet prior to their flight, ensuring they have been to the toilet, are comfortable and have enough water for their journey
  • Taking your dog on a walk so they can have a sniff and play outside of their crate when your itinerary includes a stop at our transit lounge
  • Letting them explore our cattery if their itinerary includes a stop at our transit lounge
  • Delivering your pet to your home or their final destination

Our Jetpets Fleet

Our dedicated pet transport vehicles are fully equipped with temperature control and GPS tracking. Whether it’s travelling to our transit lounge or to the airport, our state-of-the-art fleet ensure your pets are in maximum comfort whilst in our care.