Airline-Approved Pet Travel Crates

Providing the most comfortable and safe travel journey for your pet, Jetpets pet carriers are airline-approved and available in a huge range of sizes. Whether you’re after a dog crate, cat carrier or a customised pet travel crate, your pet travel consultant can professionally select the correct size travel crate for your pet and take you through the steps.

As the experts in pet travel, we don’t just do dog crates and cat carriers, we can also provide custom-built crates for larger or exotic pets.

Features of Jetpets Pet Carriers

  • Airline approved, and designed to ensure the most comfortable and safe journey for your pet
  • Stay-dry fleece mat keeps your pet comfy and dry
  • Water bowls are fitted securely to keep your pet hydrated
  • Holes provide optimal airflow and keep little paws safely inside
  • Spring-loaded locking mechanism for security during pet transport
  • Can be used after travel at home or dismantled for easy storage
  • Jetpets travel crates are available for purchase with any booking

NEW to Jetpets – the PP60 C Jetpets Cat Travel Crate with Litter Tray

In a world first, Jetpets has designed a travel crate specifically to meet the unique needs of cats during travel. The PP60 C is a first-class ticket for any feline traveller, and its launch is part of our ongoing commitment to setting the best possible standards of comfort and care for travelling pets.

The unique features of the PP60 C cat carrier include:

  • A front zone that provides plenty of space for your cat to stretch out and relax
  • A back zone that features a litter tray that is easily accessible during travel
  • Your cat remains comfortable and clean throughout travel
  • Can be used after travel at home as an in-all-one bed with removable litter tray

Exclusive to Jetpets, purchase the PP60 C crate to keep for personal use after your pet’s journey.


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