Jetpets becomes a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA)

Jetpets is proud to announce that we are the only pet transport company in New Zealand to become a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA).

The Regulated Air Cargo Agent scheme is for businesses that handle or make arrangements to transport air cargo. The scheme is in place to ensure efficient, safe and secure air cargo management. As we handle the most precious of cargo (our furry family members), applying to become a RACA was a must for our team.

airline approved pet carrier

The application process included training, a facility site inspection and an examination, all to ensure that we are setting the highest standards when it comes to examining and clearing our air cargo (pets) in the safest possible manner.

“Becoming a Regulated Air Cargo Agent is a fantastic achievement for Jetpets, and it solidifies our confidence that we are leading the way when it comes to ensuring we follow best practice to ensure animal safety throughout travel,” said Belinda Gallpen, General Manager, Jetpets.

“There is 109 air cargo agents that have been certified on the RACA list in New Zealand, and to be the first pet transport company on the list makes me extremely proud of our team,” Belinda continued.


Celebrities & Their Pets

Here at Jetpets New Zealand we are proud of our celebrities and their success, however what’s really fascinating about them is their pets! From dogs, to cows and even alpacas, there is no denying that these famed celebrities love their furry companions.

Read on below for some of our favourite New Zealand celebrities and their pets.

Russell Crowe:

It’s no secret that famed actor Russell Crowe loves pets and has a particular attachment to his own furry gang, which include his beautiful dogs Chasen, Lucy and Spinee, and a horse named Honey.

But it doesn’t stop there! Russell also owns a farm in a rural area of NSW in Australia, where he has over 500 animals including cows and working dogs (which we don’t doubt he loves just as much!)

Russell Crowe

Keith Urban: 

Much like Russell Crowe, Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman also own a farm in Nashville USA, where they look after South American Alpacas! The couple are big fans of exotic and unusual animals and they even take their Alpacas on walks…. because why not?!


International singer Lorde is known around the globe for her popular songs including her mega hit “Royal” however, did you know that she has a family pooch called Jimmy Choo? The Toy Poodle X Lowchen has been part of the family for over 8 years and has even dipped his paws into fame as well, by modelling Karen Walker Eyewear alongside Lorde’s mother Sonja Yelich.

Jay-Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey: 

Popular breakfast radio hosts (and husband and wife) Jay-Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey are known both on and off air for their bold personalities and sense of humour, so it’s no wonder their Australian Silky Terrier Kanye is almost as famous as they are! Kanye loves to go on long walks in the evening with his mum and dad, what spoilt pooch doesn’t?

Matilda Rice:

Bachelor star Matilda Rice may be known for her love affair with Art Green, but it seems she has room in her heart for another man… Joey the Border Terrier! At the young age four, Joey is quite a handful for the blonde beauty and we don’t doubt that his energetic personality keeps her on her toes!