Top 5 Pet Friendly Cafes in Wellington

Here at Jetpets, we love any excuse to get out to our local cafes with our dogs! What’s better than spending your morning with a cup of coffee and man’s best friend by your side? Here are our picks of dog friendly cafes in Wellington.

Beach Babylon

232 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay

Beach Babylon is the ultimate pet friendly café. Not only do they welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, they also provide comfortable dog beds and water bowls for all furry visitors. Don’t leave your dog out; order them a pupsicle or dogaccino from the k9 menu!

Image courtesy of Beach Babylon
Image courtesy of Beach Babylon

Rougue and Vagabond

18 Garrett St, Wellington

Nothing says ‘summer’ more than a drink at the local pub on a warm summers afternoon. Rougue and Vagabond is the perfect location for those that want to bring their dogs along too! Dogs are welcome to enjoy the sunshine with their owners in the outdoor garden area.

Carlton Café

44 Coutts St, Kilbirnie

Carlton Café is a suburban hotspot. Head down to grab a coffee and a slice of cake in the courtyard and bring your dog too for a relaxing day in the sun!

Mojo Poneke

1 Clyde Quay Wharf, Te Aro

Mojo Poneke is located right on the waterfront of Clyde Warf. Dogs are welcome at this sea-side cafe in all outdoor areas. Get down early and enjoy the sunrise with your furry-friend!

Picnic Café

101 Glenmore St, Thorndon

Wellington’s Botanic Gardens are a must-see when visiting the North Island. Take your dog for a walk through the pet friendly gardens, then stop off at Picnic Café for a brew. You and your dog are sure to enjoy a day in the idyllic Botanic Gardens!

What are your favourite cafes to hit up with your dog? Let us know on Facebook!



Top 6 dog friendly beaches in New Zealand

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing walk on the beach with your favourite furry friend by your side, and luckily for us, there are plenty of off-leash beaches to explore around the country.

Your pooches are sure to love running in the sand and cooling off with a nice swim while you get to get back to nature!

Unsure where to go? Here are our top 6 favourite dog friendly beaches in New Zealand:

  1. Takapuna Beach, Auckland

Takapuna beach is one of our favourite places as it offers breathtaking views and a whole lot of fun for your dog! In summer the beach limits dogs to be off-leash only before 10am and after 6pm however your dog can run free throughout the rest of the year!

After you’ve been to the beach, why not head to Takapuna Beach Café which is the perfect pet-friendly destination for you and your canine companion.

  1. Lyall Bay, Wellington

If going for a great walk is your aim, then head to Lyall Bay in Wellington – a popular meet-up for dog walkers alike. This surf beach has a great stretch of sand for a big walk and the refreshing ocean is perfect for a quick swim after you’ve worked up a sweat. The only catch is that dogs are not permitted in the area from the steps in the seawall or on the children’s playground.

  1. Piha Beach, Auckland

For breathtaking views you don’t want to miss, take your four-legged friend to the off-leash area in at the North Piha Beach. You can easily notice the dog friendly off-leash area as it is outlined by poles along the beach. Just remember that if your pup isn’t a strong swimmer, it’s best to keep them on-leash as the waves and water can be quite rough.

  1. Waimairi Beach, Christchurch

Get your body moving and go for a run with your dog along Waimairi Beach. You and your dog will love the gorgeous view! However from November 1st – March 31st dogs are prohibited on the actual beach, so you will need to head to Bottle Lake Forest Park located just behind the beach.

  1. Bethells Beach (Te Henga), Auckland

If your dog loves to get social with other friendly pups, then head down to Bethells Beach for a game of fetch and a swim in the water! Why not organise a puppy play date with a friend or two and enjoy the breathtaking views and some great bonding time with your dogs?

  1. Brighton Beach Reserve, Dunedin

If you’re looking for a great spot to walk your dog, then Brighton Beach Reserve is the place to go! Your furry friend will love to run around on the sand and cool off in the water with you by their side.

Adorable french bulldog seated on the beach

5 Pet Friendly Cafes in Auckland

One of our favourite ways to spend our weekends here at Jetpets is relaxing at a café with our pooch by our side. Now you too can join in on the fun and sip your latte with your best friend with these pet friendly cafés in Auckland you need to visit now!

Takapuna Beach Café:

If you’re after a leisurely stroll on the beach with your favourite four-legged friend followed by a delicious breakfast or lunch, then head down to Takapuna Beach Café! Dogs will love to run around on the sand and you will both enjoy retiring at the café for a coffee or delicious meal and a big bowl of water for your pet.

  • 22 The Promenade
  • Takapuna
  • Auckland, NZ 0622
  • (09) 484 0002


Work up a sweat at the off-lead Big King Reserve park just a short distance from this great local café. Reward yourself and your pooch by heading into Orvieto for some delicious eggs on toast, muesli and a big cup of coffee!

  • 935 Mt Eden Road
  • Mount Eden
  • Auckland, NZ 1042
  • (09) 630 5046

Dear Jervois:

Dear Jervois offers plenty of outdoor seating and a water bowl that your dog will just love! Feast on the mouth-watering menu with specialties in all things breakfast, brunch and lunch. Menu highlights include a delicious Acai bowl, Soba noodle salad and cold pressed juices.

  • 234 Jervois Road
  • Herne Bay, NZ 1011
  • (09) 376 7278

Hum Bug Café:

Keep your furry friend and kids happy by heading to Hum Bug café! This café is great for relaxing outside in the sun while you treat yourself to everything from porridge, eggs, to a hearty burger and fries.

  • 32 Rua Rd, Glen Eden,
  • Auckland, NZ 0600
  • (09) 827 5124

Little & Friday:

This café in Belmont is a great weekend spot for you and your pooch and features a delectable breakfast or brunch menu with food you will be dying to try. The café also has a great range of treats for the sweet-tooth in you that you may just have to share with your dog!

Have we missed any great cafes? Share with us what your favourite pet-friendly café in Auckland is on Facebook.

Latte Coffee art and biscuit stick on the wooden desk.

A New Puppy or Kitten

The arrival of a new puppy or kitten into your household is an exciting time for you and your whole family, however it’s important to carefully plan and prepare to ensure the experience is a positive, enjoyable one.

Read our top tips for welcoming a new animal into your home.


Stock up on supplies:

Make sure you are prepared for just about anything by stocking up on essential supplies in advance, including things like kitty litter, food, water and feeding bowl, a bed, scratching post, toys and more so that you don’t have any unwanted stress when bringing your new furry friend home.

If you have time, you can even set up their feeding area with fresh water and food so they feel right at home as soon as they arrive!

Determine your house rules:

Kittens and puppies learn from a young age, so it’s important to start training them from the beginning. Make sure you’ve discussed with your family or partner what the house rules are for your new pet so you can implement them straight away. House rules can be anything from determining whether they are allowed to sit on the bed or couch to who is in charge of feeding.

Stay at home:

Puppies and kittens are similar to newborn babies in that they require a fair amount of attention and supervision during the first few months! Make sure you have some time off work or bring your animal home over a long weekend so you can spend plenty of time bonding and looking after your pet. This is an important part of the training process as well, as you can start to teach them the house rules and how to listen to your commands.

Supervise children:

Some puppies and kittens are a bit cheeky when they are young and untrained, so make sure you watch your new pet when it’s around children to avoid any biting or scratching. This is also a great time to teach your children about looking after pets including how to pat them, feed them and hold them.

Organise training:

Book your puppy into puppy preschool so they can start learning to listen to instructions from an early age. Make sure you use positive reinforcement when implementing these rules at home, by rewarding them with praise, treats or chews for any good behaviour.

Plan fun activities:

Regardless if you’ve just brought home a new puppy or kitten, it’s always great to plan fun activities so you can bond with them and start having a great time.

After your animals have had their full vaccinations, take them for walk at the park or play fetch with the ball. For cats, have some fun by using a toy to play with them, or simply let them curl up on your lap while you relax and watch a movie.

Consider other pets:

If you have other pets already, it’s important to carefully plan their introduction. If your pets are particularly anxious, consider having a spare room for your new puppy or kitten to play in while your pets get used to their presence. Then just introduce them for small periods of time until they get used to each other. Make sure you always supervise your pets, reward them for good behavior and be patient – sometimes it takes time!

Are you planning on welcoming a new furry addition to your household in the near future? Here at Jetpets we can help transport your puppy or kitten right to your door, making the whole experience simple and easy – just ask us how!