5 Ways To Bond With Your Cat

Here at Jetpets it’s no secret we love our cats, which is why we are sharing with you some great ways to bond with your cat to make your love for each other even stronger!

From game time to grooming, here are 5 ways you can bond with your cat today.

Love and tenderness

Cuddle time:

If you are looking to improve your connection with your long-term feline friend, or are wanting to develop a relationship with a new cat in your home, cuddle time is the best place to start! Find a comfortable spot on the couch or bed, pop your cat on your lap and give them all the cuddles and attention they deserve. The next step is figuring out their favourite (and not so favourite) spots to be touched. Most cats enjoy the sides and top of their head, as well as their chin. It is important to remember to be gentle, but also wary as it is not uncommon for cats to become overstimulated and attack! You know if your cat is happy if they are purring, closing their eyes, salivating or rolling around.

Play games:

Many people think that games just belong between dogs and their owners but cats like to have fun too! Games you could play with your cat include using a stick with fishing line attached and a toy mouse or feather on the end and encouraging your cat to jump and catch the toy. You will love seeing them get excited!

Groom your cat: 

A great way to bond with your cat is to groom them. Use a fine-toothed metal comb and very gently brush your cat’s hair from head to tail. Ensure you take care around any knots and tangles as it may be unpleasant for your cat. The grooming session should always contain lots of cuddling and stroking so that it remains a positive and happy time for your feline companion.

Get down on their level: 

If you’ve just welcomed a new cat into the house or are having trouble bonding with your current cat, a great tip is to get down on all fours and onto their level. Once you are down on the floor, offer your hand for them to detect your scent as this will help develop trust. Next, make soft clicking noises or gently call their name in a casual and positive tone. Where possible avoid direct eye contact as many cats perceive this as a sign of aggression and may be intimidated.

Get creative in the kitchen:

It’s true! The way to a cat’s heart is certainly through their stomach, so why not get creative in the kitchen and cook up some delicious food you know your cat will just love. If cooking is not your forte, another great way to develop trust and to bond with your cat is to create a strict feeding routine by giving your cat fresh food twice a day. Your cat will soon learn to know (and love) the hand that feeds them!