Going Above & Beyond in Animal Welfare Standards!

Jetpets Melbourne is proud to announce that we have been recertified by IATA in the Centre of Excellence for Live Animals Logistics (CEIV) Certification, being the only Pet Transport company in the Asia Pacific region to achieve this accolade.

“Congratulations to Jetpets on achieving CEIV Live Animals recertification. Their focus on excellence beyond compliance in live animal handling and transport activities ensures that customers can be confident that their precious cargo is traveling in safe and healthy conditions,” said Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo IATA.

Jetpets quality systems, training and operational procedures are an integral part to ensuring the comfort, safety and welfare is the number one priority when your fur baby is travelling with Jetpets.

We understand the importance of the role we play in taking care of people’s precious family members as they travel across Australia and New Zealand and around the world, and trust that our certification allows our customers to feel confident that their pets will always be in excellent care when travelling with Jetpets.

The Jetpets teams across New Zealand and Australia are extremely proud of this achievement and committed to our vision of being the respected pet travel company of choice striving for excellence in pet welfare, customer service and investment in our people.

Summer Season Hints and Tips

As we approach the summer season most of us start to think of warmer weather, extended holidays, spending time with family over Christmas and having fun at our favourite park, beach or holiday venue. Pets are no different!

Our fur babies too love time with their parent’s and will be looking forward to spending more time with you whilst you have been back at work more since our lockdown restrictions have eased across the nation.

One of our resident vets Dr Kathy Johnson explains some of the key things to prepare your fur baby for when heading into the summer season.

“It is important that if you are planning to travel over the summer season and looking to place your pets in boarding for any period of time that their vaccinations are up to date. All boarding facilities will require that your dogs have C5 and cats have F3 vaccinations which are valid.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during summer also means your fur babies should have plenty of water for those hotter days, walking them earlier or later in the day and if they like the water, a swim in the pool or at the beach will definitely make them feel more comfortable during those hot summer days.”

Jetpets also takes special care of your fur babies over the summer season. We always look for early morning and late evening domestic flights across NZ to avoid the hottest parts of the day and choose the most direct flight available to minimise time spent travelling. Our purpose built fleet ensures your fur baby is pampered from start to finish.

If you are looking to travel over the summer season, please complete our online request a quote form.

Pet Refuge Helping Our Community

Jetpets has always been a big supporter of Pet Refuge and we knew from the beginning that they would be an important organisation to support. Pet Refuge provides temporary shelter for pets, enabling their owners to escape abuse.


Throughout their journey of slowly increasing their pet numbers and reaching full capacity we have seen them thriving and completing amazing work for those in need. The numbers alone show the positive impact that Pet Refuge have been able to make on communities around New Zealand and the opportunities for families to get the much-needed support for their fur babies.

Jetpets have recently been fortunate enough to sit down for a Q&A with one of their Program Managers to further understand the great work they are doing. Here are some insights into our interview:-


Q: Who Is The Founder Of Pet Refuge And Why Did They Start The Organisation?

Julie Chapman Founder and CEO of KidsCan is the founder of Pet Refuge. Julie became aware that some people experiencing family violence delay leaving out of fear for their pets’ lives and she felt driven to help. Sadly, NZ has one of the highest rates of family violence in the world. Many women feel trapped and delay leaving out of fear for their pets. Pet Refuge provides temporary shelter for pets which allows owners to escape abuse.

Q: How Many Animals Has Pet Refuge Been Able To Provide Refuge For So Far?

187 and we have been able to reunite 131 of those so far.

Q: Are You Running At Full Capacity And What Does That Look Like?

Yes, we are, our main shelter is full and has been working at capacity for several months.  We have external boarding partners we work with to provide temporary care.  The number we can take at our main facility is dependent on size and breed and whether pets are from the same family and can be housed together.  We currently have 56 pets boarding across our main shelter and external providers.

Q: What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of Working Within Pet Refuge?

The most rewarding part has to be seeing the pets and families being reunited – the joy from both the pets and owners makes every day worthwhile.  Also, knowing that we are providing great care until they can go home to their owner, who is hopefully, in a place of safety and security. Seeing the owners be able to move on and have their pet with them is huge.

Q: How Has The Public/Community Support Been Since Pet Refuge Opened? Was It As Expected?

The support has been fantastic.  Our NZ community have been incredibly supportive. I wouldn’t say we expected the support, but we definitely hoped that people would recognise this important issue and support us. They have certainly done this and we are forever grateful for the support we get.

Q: What Are Some Up And Coming Fundraising Events Pet Refuge Have Planned?

We are currently running an urgent appeal campaign. As we are running at maximum capacity, with an overwhelming need for a temporary pet shelter, we need to ensure we can keep helping pets and their families. A donation of just $25 can help provide a safe bed, transport, veterinary care, enrichment and a loving environment.

Q: How Can People Donate And Support Pet Refuge?

The best way is through our website www.petrefuge.org.nz  all donations, no matter how much are really appreciated

Q: What Is The Best Way For People Who Need Pet Refuge’s Help To Get In Touch?

If anyone is in immediate danger, please contact the police but to discuss how Pet Refuge can help either email help@petrefuge.org.nz or call their Helpline – 0800 PET REFUGE / 0800 738 733 843

A Day In The Life Of Our Pet Handlers

As the fog starts to lift, our Jetpets Handlers have already been briefed and are on their way to pick up someone’s furbaby, reptile or feathered friend.

However, before they get to this stage there are a few things our team of professional animal handlers have to do to ensure our VIP (very important pets) receive the very best of the Jetpets experience.

Daily Briefing By Our Customer Service Team

Each and every day brings a new adventure for our animal handlers. Are they going to be picking up someone’s new furbaby, an exotic zoo animal, or someone’s old mate? Who knows! Well, we ensure they do!

Our pet handlers are briefed by our customer service teams on their day ahead with animal welfare and safety at the very heart of what we do. Our team is trained in animal behaviour and handling techniques to ensure your furbabies are in the very best of care when entrusting Jetpets transportation services.

Your pet travel consultant would have raised your questions about their temperament, age, likes and dislikes, size of pet, big, small, overweight, skinny, or arthritic, we want to know the details as this helps our Pet Animal Handlers to get a real understanding of your pet, before the big introduction and handover.

Because they have been briefed on the size of your pet, they have the correct crate in their van ready to go, and if in the brief with your pet travel consultant there was a bit of umming and ahhing on what crate would be the best size, your animal handler will have that option there for you, ready to size up on the day.

Picking Up Your Furbaby

So, once they leave the Jetpets Transit Lounge they will have sent you a text to let you know that they are on their way. Beep beep! Once they have arrived and have done the big introduction, worked out the best crate for maximum comfort, cross referenced the microchip against the records we have on file.

Then they will load the crate in the van and close the door…. there may be tears, as you wave goodbye to your furbaby. But don’t worry they’re in good hands!

Where time allows, your furbabies are taken back to our transit lounge, and if time is on our side the dogs are walked and cuddled and sometimes allowed some play time prior to departure.

Again, we repeat all of our safety checks to ensure our vans are in tip-top shape. Our climate-controlled vans provide maximum comfort for your furbabies, so they can really enjoy that VIP experience.

What Happens At The Airport

Once they are at the airport, our animal handlers then lodge your furbaby with our airline partners and do one final check of the crate ensuring tags are in place. The door is both fastened and secured with cable ties as per IATA regulations and their water bowl is topped up prior to departure.

There is no going thirsty! When tails are wagging, we then give our furry friends a big wave and say goodbye for their journey home to their parents.

When travelling through our Transit Lounge, we will share with you some updates on your furbabies journey with us, so stay tuned.

Each day is an amazing experience for our team to witness the joy and happiness we bring to our clients when reuniting their furbabies. Whether the journey is domestic, country or overseas the satisfaction our pet handlers enjoy is very special indeed.

Proudly transporting Mobility Dogs

Little Darby is going to change someone’s life for the better one day soon, and he doesn’t even know it yet.


Jetpets are proud to provide the safe transportation for Mobility Dogs, as they travel around New Zealand for training and support requirements.

Mobility Dogs mission is to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities, increasing independence, confidence, self esteem and participation in New Zealand communities. Mobility dogs are trained to offer practical support, companionship and security. They transform the lives of people with disabilities as they help with everyday tasks and provide emotional support.

Darby began his life changing journey when he travelled from Auckland to Queenstown with Jetpets to be with his puppy raisers in Southern Lakes, where he now proudly wears his L plates as he commences his training.

Over the next twelve months Darby will learn to:

  • Retrieve and carry items – such as help load and unload the washing.
  • Deliver items to a person
  • Open and close doors and drawers
  • Press buttons for elevators and pedestrian crossings
  • Help with payments in shops
  • Assist with daily activities such as dressing and undressing
  • Turn lights on and off

If you wish to find out more about Mobility Dogs and how you can help click through here.