Clove and Cassia Join Dash at Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo supports Save the Tasmanian Devil Program to help save Tasmanian devils from extinction in the wild due to the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). DFTD is a contagious and fatal cancer in Tasmanian devils which is characterised by the appearance of tumours in and around their mouth, face, and neck. Since DFTD was first recorded in 1996, there have been local population declines of up to 80%.

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Ambassador Program was designed with the aim of placing suitable Tasmanian devils into world-class zoos as ambassadors for their species. Through this program, Wellington Zoo cares for three Tasmanian devils- Dash, Clove and Cassia.

Clove – Image: Wellington Zoo

Jetpets was fortunate enough to look after Clove and Cassia’s move from Tasmania to their new home at Wellington Zoo and will continue to assist with their future transport needs.

On their way to Wellington – Image: Wellington Zoo

Making new friends

When Clove and Cassia arrived at Wellington Zoo from Tasmania, they had to undergo a brief period of time in Quarantine. Once they were cleared from Quarantine, introductions to Dash who was already at the Zoo began. Thankfully, they hit it off and Dash, Clove, and Cassia now all live in the same habitat together.

Cassia – Image: Wellington Zoo

Clove – Image: Wellington Zoo

While Clove is much more confident and adventurous, Cassia is shyer and more reserved and despite this, they have formed a close bond and will always sleep in the same den next to each other. Dash who has been at the Zoo longer, remains the most independent of the three devils, often challenging Clove for their favourite food which includes wallaby and a variety of different meats.

However, the three of them have been spotted sleeping next to each other in the same den on a few occasions, which is very positive!

We look forward to transporting more Tasmanian Devils in the future

“Jetpets were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process of transporting Clove and Cassia from Tasmania to Wellington a straightforward and smooth process. They took great care of both the Tasmanian devils and Wellington Zoo staff travelling with the devils to ensure Clove and Cassia arrived safely at their new home at Wellington Zoo.” – Wellington Zoo